Friday, March 30, 2007

TGIF March 30, 2007 Mary E. Martin

March 30 Mary E. Martin on Writers in the Sky Podcast

We continue with our Authors Marketing Expert authors by having Mary E. Martin on the show. Mary has written an article for the March and April issues of Writers in the Sky Newsletter and will be giving us more writing tips in her upcoming articles in future issues.

On March 30th Mary joins Yvonne Perry on Writers in the Sky Podcast for an interview about her books "Conduct in Question" and "Final Paradox". She will also share her experience in working with iUniverse to publish her books. The pros and cons of traditional publishing and POD (print/publish-on-demand) will also be discussed.

If you have read Mary’s first book "Conduct in Question", you have witnessed her art of shedding light of parts of the law that only the "insiders" see. In her second addition to the Osgoode Trilogy, she has taken it one step further. Martin shows how organized deception of the law can quickly evolve into organized crime and who else to expose it than our old friend, Harry Jenkins.

Listen to the interview with Mary now and learn how you may win an autographed galley copy of her book...

In "Final Paradox", Harry is the championed knight of the wealthy Ms. Norma Dinnick, a widowed old woman who constantly floats between lucidity to insanity. Norma sees and hears people who aren't there and has a bounty of conspiracy theories based on all of the people fighting to steal her estate.

Mary E. Martin grew up in Toronto where she began practicing law in a small estates firm. In 1999, she became a full time writer and photographer. She is the author of three page-turner books that will fascinate the reader with mystery, intrigue and a love story interwoven.

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