Friday, March 30, 2007

Writers trying to Call in

Last night Suzanne Lieurance and I opened our teleclass, Writers on Call, to the members of the New Year's Article Challenge Group. Many of those writers have been participating in a challenge to write 30 articles for article directories in the past 60 days.

When we tried to call in, some of us couldn't connect because our "conference organizer had not arrived." I called Suzanne, our designated conference organizer, on my cell phone to find out what was happening. She was getting a message saying "All circuits are busy." She gave me her organizer passcode and I called in as the organizer which allowed the other callers to join the call. However, Suzanne still couldn't get in. When I tried to piggy-back her into the call using the second line on my home phone, all those already on the call were dropped. It took several tries before we got everyone on the call. Some didn't call back which was unfortunate.

We had never encountered this problem before while using We were really wondering what was causing the problem. Ask and you shall receive: Immediately after the call ended, I got an email from notifying me that Sprint was blocking access to those using their wireless or long-distance services to connect with free conferencing services.

Hal Manogue, Poet and Author of Short Sleeves A Book For Friends and Short Sleeves Insights has written his quota of 30 articles and was on the call last night. He wrote an interested note on his blog regarding our teleconference last night and I wanted to share it with you. Read Hal's post here....

We plan to have another article challenge starting in May. Do you want to know how to participate in the writing contest and drive business to your blog or Web site via article marketing? See

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