Friday, January 19, 2007

TGIF, January 19 Kathleen Jacoby

TGIF, January 19 and Yvonne Perry has uploaded a new show to Writers in the Sky Podcast!

Kathleen Jacoby's eclectic interests began as a child when she was exposed to science by her chemist father and to spiritualism by a great-grandfather. She remembers feeling “guided” from a very early age by what she calls her “inner teacher” and many of her life decisions have been framed by this presence which has always helped her to navigate life.

Kathleen is the author of three spiritual books: Vision of the Grail Where You Live Is What You Learn (a guidebook to understanding how the number of your residence affects your life) and A Call To Prayer—an inner guide to help you live a prayerful life.

Click here to listen to Part 1...

Having been both self-published and picked up by a small publisher as a result of the self-published work, Kathleen has some great recommendations for writers interested in self-publishing, and some examples of what to watch out for.

Kathleen is the editor of a quarterly newsletter called Seasons of The Soul and is currently Senior Editor for Children of the New Earth Magazine and a columnist for several online magazines and a newspaper distributed in Southern California and Arizona. Her columns range from monthly numerology projections to reviews, children’s stories, and other articles based on timely topics.

Click here to listen to Part 2... and learn how you may submit articles to Children of the New Earth Magazine.

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Fascinating stuff -- thank you so much for those links!