Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poems by James Nordlund

Five Easy Pieces

By James M. Nordlund

To thine own self be who, and

While you’re being what you are,

Stray not from this, your unfolding

Path and heart- where, how and

Why; forever unanswered.


By James M. Nordlund

Betwixt words and lines,

Poetry’s music fathoms

The depths of our heart,

The heights of our intellect

And imagination,

Breadth of our spirit,

Well of our soul,

Alluding to the unknown;

Saliently. For, the muse

But whispers, silently;

Moving in mysterious ways.

Painting’s music?

Inexpressible and felt,

Unknowable and experienced;

Of echoing images and silences.

Even the shadow

Speaks of the light!

James M. Nordlund is a mental health counseling supervisor by profession, into poetic revelation and workshop as individual and group therapeutic milieu. He is involved with A.A.P., I.A.W.A., A.P.R., Teacher’s and Writer’s Collaborative, I.W.W.G., Univ. of the Sts., Lummox, Nomad’s Choir, Poet’s House, St. Mark’s Poetry Project, Beans About It, P.E.N. Friend, NAFPT.

James is featured on his multi-art show, “Matutinally Watered Poetree” on Manh, cable, and other T.V. and radio shows. He has been a co-editor, assistant editor, written columns amd published over 400 works and is currently a regional editor for Poet To Poet, out of N.Y.C.. Submission, twigs of poetree.

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