Thursday, January 18, 2007

Grant Writing Seminar in Nashville, TN

I’m writing to invite you to a special one-day seminar on grant writing. The seminar is scheduled for Friday, January 26th, 2007 from 9:30 to 3:30 at the Nashville location of Bethel College.

Regardless of whether you have ever thought about writing a grant or starting a nonprofit organization, you might want to seriously consider attending this event. Sherita Herring, the instructor, knows the nonprofit world inside and out. She has been helping people set up nonprofit organizations and get them funded for 12 years. She has also helped many for profit organizations gain funding as well. Her success rate is 100% - not many people can say that about their services.

The reason I believe you should seriously consider attending is that you might be able to find grant funds to support a project of yours – such as a movie, music, book, or for-profit business. Sherita is a master at helping people think about their services and their audiences in a way that opens opportunities for grant funding. If you write grants, this is a great opportunity to provide even better service to your clients – by helping them find legitimate creative ways to gain funding.

The best part is the price of this seminar – the entire day is $150. Personally, I’ve never attended a one-day seminar for less than $300. The price includes all the training materials.

If you’re interested, go to for more information and to register. If you want to learn more about Kreative Images and Sherita Herring, go to

PLEASE – if you know of someone who has been talking about a project, but they are having difficulty getting it off the ground due to lack of funding, share this information with them! This is truly a great opportunity – you would be doing them a great favor by sharing the information.


Angela Grett

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