Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week's Podcast Guest: Sherree Rogers

Join us for a conversation with writer Sherree Rogers as she speaks about her memoir, Who Will Cry For Me?

As a child, Sherree endured years of agonizing abuse, molestation and abandonment. Her only outlet was her love of writing, which she used to purge her pain.

Today Sherree is a well-adjusted, happy woman, with a husband, children and a succesful career with a major telecommunications company. She has written a number of articles on a variety of topics and contributes to a children's newsletter. Her life now, she says, is blissfully normal.

Who Will Cry For Me? shares Sherree's journey from victim of abuse to a healthy, self-actualized adult. She has written her story so that she may help others realize that they too can heal. It is also an excellent tool for family members, friends and spouses to support loved ones recovering from traumatic experiences.

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