Monday, September 26, 2011

This Week's Podcast Guest: Romina Wilcox

Join us this Friday when Romina Wilcox speaks with us about her new novel, The Calendar. This long awaited followup to her 2007 hit Cold Eyes not only features the return of its heroine, Joanne Gravitz; it also reaffirms Wilcox as the queen of the cybercrime thriller.

As The Calendar opens, Gravitz has it all. She has been promoted to manager of OmegaSoft's Critical Security Department, and she is engaged to a wonderful young doctor. But her perfect world is plunged into turmoil when a terrorist detonates a bomb at one of OmegaSoft's facilities, threatening not only the lives of its employees, but the company's lucrative contract with the Department of Homeland Security.

Gravitz is asked by her employers to fix the damage to OmegaSoft's reputation, but she also launches her own secret investigation into the attack. Is the culprit a jihadist, someone from a competitive company, or one of OmegaSoft's own disgruntled employees? Whoever it is, they know her every move through the company's intranet calendar. Terrified but determined, Gravitz scrambles to learn his identity before she becomes his next victim.

In creating the world of her novels, Romina Wilcox draws on her own experience as a Silicon Valley insider. She has a liberal arts degree, as well as a certificate in computer programming and training in computer forensics from the Southeast CyberCrime Institute.

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