Thursday, September 29, 2011

Join Us For an Interview with Cybercrime Expert Romina Wilcox

Join us as cybercrime expert Romina Wilcox discusses her second novel, The Calendar. It is a gripping cat and mouse story between a tech-savvy killer and Joanne Gravitz, the brilliant software architect determined to stop him.

Gravitz, who Wilcox refers to as "an ordinary woman placed in extraordinary circumstances", made her debut in the 2007 thriller, Cold Eyes. In that book, she helped the FBI find the computer hacker who had brutally murdered a college professor.

Now Gravitz is on the trail of terrorist who is keeping track of his prey through her company's intranet calendar. He has already set off one bomb at an OmegaSoft facility, and he plans more attacks unless she can stop him in time. But first she must find out who he is before she becomes his next victim.

In creating the world of her books, Wilcox combines her training in computer forensics with her fifteen years of real world experience in Silicon Valley. One thing's for sure, The Calendar is so good it will have everyone "marking the days" until her next novel.

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