Friday, July 15, 2011

Podcast Interview with Literary Agent Maxine Thompson

My guest today is Dr. Maxine Thompson is an editor, a novelist, poet, columnist, short story writer, book reviewer, ghostwriter, Internet radio show host, and a literary agent.

She is the author of The Ebony Tree, No Pockets in a Shroud, A Place Called Home (A Short Story Collection), and the upcoming 3-part series: The Hush Hush Secrets. Her award-winning novel, Hostage of Lies, was voted a best book of 2009. She is also a contributor to bestselling anthologies Secret Lovers, All in the Family, and Never Knew Love Like This Before, (a Kindle bestseller).

In today’s interview, she speaks about her latest crime fiction, LA Blues. Maxine started writing this book when she became curious about whatever happened to the gang members after the LA Riots in 1992. She began researching and learned that there were female Crips and female Bloods. This gave her an idea for her next novel.

“What if my protagonist’s mother was a Crip?” she asked herself. “What would happen then? What if a child whose mother was a Crip became an LAPD officer? What could happen?”

The next thing she knew she had developed a book titled LA Blues. Adding to her extensive research, she used her experience as a social worker to get into the minds and ethics of the gang culture. Here a synopsis of her book:

Growing up in foster care, Zipporah “Z” Saldano never dreamed of becoming a police officer, but after she’s rescued from a hostage situation during the LA Riots, she chooses a career in law enforcement. After ten good years on the force, Z is involved in a domestic homicide case gone awry. Her partner is killed, and Z is fired when alcohol is detected in her system. It’s two long years before she gets sober and opens her own private investigation firm. Now Shirley, her former foster mother, is in need of Z’s help. Someone has murdered her grandson, a high school basketball star, and she wants Z to find out who did it. Z soon finds herself in deeper trouble than when she was kicked out of the LAPD. What she discovers is a conspiracy much deeper than anyone would believe, and she finds her own life is in danger.

In this interview, Maxine discusses her work as a literary agent, who has helped dozens of authors get a book deal with a conventional publishing house. She closes this interview with some helpful tips of how to tell if your child is in a gang. Check out her Websites for more information:

Black Butterfly Press:
Dr. Maxine Show:

Maxine has been an Internet radio Show host for nine years. Yvonne Perry will be a guest on the Dr. Maxine Show July 25 to discuss her book, Whose Stuff is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You.

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