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Literary Award for Best Creative Writing Goes to Author Michael R Dyet

Best Creative Writing of the Year Award given by Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services to author Michael Robert Dyet as part of Reader Views Literary Awards 2009.

NASHVILLE, TN MARCH 2010— On March 12, eighteen sponsors—including Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services (WITS)—delivered prizes to the finalists in Reader Views Literary Awards 2009. Published by Idiomatic, UNTIL THE DEEP WATER STILLS An Internet-enhanced Novel (ISBN 9780981199504) by Michael Robert Dyet won Writers in the Sky’s $100 cash prize for the Best Creative Writing of the Year. The book was also the Canada East Regional Winner.

Each year, Reader Views sponsors a contest for self-published and small press books in the English language targeted for the North American market. The best books entered are selected by a panel of reviewers, and final judging is determined by a jury of judges. Winners are awarded prizes in dozens of categories. See http://www.readerviews.com/Awards2009Winners.html for a list of all winners in this year’s competition.

Fresh out of a divorce and much wiser about the ways of the world, Mr. Dyet decided it was time to return to his passion for writing and indulge his lifelong desire to write a novel. Looking for a hook to make his novel stand out from the crowd, he came upon the idea to fuse a traditional print novel with an optional, online companion featuring text, imagery, and audio recordings. Each chapter in the print novel has a corresponding entry on the companion Web site (see www.mdyetmetaphor.com/blog) where readers can choose to expand their experience of the novel. The Web site offers secondary plot lines not found in the print novel.

“Congratulations to Michael Robert Dyet, the 2009 recipient of our award, on his excellent work. We wish him much success in his writing career,” says WITS owner Yvonne Perry. “His unique development of characters definitely fit the criteria for our award: that the book have original, imaginative, and creative use of words that create vivid mental pictures of scenes and characters.” Ms. Perry’s Nashville-based team provides editing, ghostwriting, and proofreading (http://writersinthesky.com/).

“I am honored and most appreciative to be a double award winner in the Reader Views Literary Awards. The awards give invaluable exposure and credibility to self-published authors and small press publications. They bring to light the fact that there are many quality books available outside of the catalogues of the large, commercial publishing houses,” says Author Michael Robert Dyet. “I applaud Reader Views for supporting and recognizing emerging authors.”

Dyet is a member of the Canadian Authors Association and the Writers & Editors Network. He graduated summa cum laude from York University Creative Writing degree program. The novelist is known as The Metaphor Guy and claims he is a closet philosopher and chronicler of life’s mysteries–all through the lens of metaphor (http://www.mdyetmetaphor.com/).

UNTIL THE DEEP WATER STILLS by Michael Robert Dyet was a fascinating read; readers can relate to the characters, their issues, and demands,” says Carol Hoyer, PhD, reviewer for Reader Views. “All of us have secrets we keep hidden from others, as do the characters in this book.”

Reader Views Literary Awards is an annual event. Authors interested in entering the 2010 contest may download a registration form at http://www.readerviews.com/submissions.html.


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