Monday, March 15, 2010

This Week's Podcast Will Feature a New Theology That Offers Inner Serenity

Please plan to join us this Friday as we welcome a writer who offers a new theology that allows us to "feel good on the inside no matter what happens on the outside." Lewis Tagliaferre will be sitting down with WITS author's assistant to discuss his book Voices of Sedona: A Spiritual Path to Serenity and Contentment.

Lewis was introduced to the spirit of Sedona M. Schnebly, who was married to the founder of the town that has her namesake, during a business trip to Arizona. She revealed five spiritual teachers to Lewis over a series of visits to the town, who then shared with him the five guiding principles of universal awareness that constitute the philosophy of Theofatalism. Lewis began this spiritual journey following the untimely loss of his wife to cancer and the education he received now allows the same healing to others.

In Voices of Sedona, Lewis explains the tenets of Theofatalism by using examples found in religion, philosophy, history, psychology, and current events. The pages are filled with a variety of topics with which readers can find a connection or opportunity for greater understanding.

Please visit the Amazon website to purchase Voices of Sedona.

Title of Document: Book Review
Book Title: Voices of Sedona: A Spiritual Path to Serenity and Contentment
Author: Lewis Tagliaferre
ISBN: 0-595-39367-5
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre and Target Market: self-help; theology; spirituality
Publication Date: 2006
Book Length in Pages: 317

Book Review by: Sarah Moore

When Lewis Tagliaferre approached me to write a review for his book Voices of Sedona: A Spiritual Path to Serenity and Contentment, I was automatically intrigued by the tagline for the publication. Tagliaferre offers the invitation to “Feel Good Inside No Matter What Happens Outside,” and that entreaty could not have arrived in my life at a better time. After talking with the author on the phone and learning more about his journey, I became even more convinced that his work was finding its way to me for a reason. Since our initial conversations, I have twice requested more time to complete my evaluation. This delay is not due to a lack of interest in the material. Instead, the five lessons and the amazing details that accompany each principle inspired extended reflection and a desire to read certain segments time and again.

In Voices of Sedona, Lewis Tagliaferre shares the five principles of Theofatalism®, a philosophy that was shared with him during various trips to the beautiful part of Arizona that we all have seen captured in photographs. During each visit, the author received teachings from guides who were channeled into his subconscious through the spirit of Sedona M. Schnebly, the wife of the town’s founder and its namesake. I know that Sedona has long been known for its spiritual offerings, but I will admit to some skepticism upon hearing about the author’s claimed method for developing the principles he shares in his book. Five spirit teachers came to you at the behest of a woman who passed away a half-century earlier? However, as the material unfolded and the meaning behind each principle was explained, I became more and more convinced that Lewis Tagliaferre has an important message to share.

Voices of Sedona is beautifully written in a style that is captivating in both its emotion and logic. Tagliaferre, who began this journey of spiritual exploration following the untimely death of his wife from cancer, is a talented writer who carefully uses language to share his story without it ever becoming cumbersome or without direction. And, he finds wonderful ways to integrate relevant information from the worlds of religion, current events, history, and other fields of study in a way that makes the material engaging to as wide of an audience as possible. From the life of Mike Tyson to the distribution of wealth in our country to the proverbs offered in Buddhism, Tagliaferre ties together so many distinct points of reference into a comprehensive philosophy that makes sense for everyone.

As the book reaches its conclusion, the author encourages his readers to join together and teach the five principles he shares with others. Voices of Sedona is a reference book that is meant to be reviewed, discussed, and hopefully marked up with notes and underlining. Combined with the ongoing essays that are published on his blog,, Tagliaferre has developed a comprehensive work of study for those who are ready to learn. Acknowledging the idea that we are right where we are meant to be and embracing the role we were given to play in the universe, just two of the concepts that are revealed in Voices of Sedona, has quickly become an important act of ongoing practice for me. I strongly believe that other readers will find the same significance to the text as I have and I look forward to seeing how the philosophy shared in Voices of Sedona multiplies in its effect as the book’s audience continues to grow.

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