Friday, September 18, 2009

TGIF September 18, 2009! Author Barbara Joye

TGIFriday! I have uploaded a new show to my podcast this week!

Today Barbara Joye will be joining Sarah Moore on Writers in the Sky Podcast to discuss her new book The Light Won: A Tutorial in Co-Creation.

In the book, The Light Won, the Angelic Realm is communicating to humanity what is keeping each and every member from living the life of their dreams. Further, The Light Won delves deeply into beliefs, how they are created, how they are held, and how they can be identified and shifted. With this awareness, the writing takes the next step to speak to the act of and actions necessary to co-create with The Divine/The All. This book truly is a tutorial in why humanity is not living the lives they desire and how they can c0-create lives of joy and abundance and beauty. The book The Light Won connects with audiences of all ages and nationalities…for who does not want to live a fuller and more empowered life?

Click here to listen... to the entire interview!

Barbara Joye is a Soul Connection therapist and Intuitive Re-invention Life Coach, practicing in the South Denver, Colorado area. Through this practice, Barbara has the opportunity to assist individuals in connecting to their 'higher' or Soul selves, the Angelic Realm, and their Spirit Guides, so they may better understand their current life and the agenda their Soul came to accomplish. This work led her to her own deeper connection with the Angelic Realm, and thus her new inspiring and insightful book, The Light Won was created.

Barbara Joye has been laughingly and lovingly proclaimed as The Shift Guru, as she assists her clients in meeting the challenges and joys of shifting their beliefs and therefore, their lives.

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