Monday, September 21, 2009

Author John English Shares How He Stopped Smoking

This coming Friday, September 25, author John English will be joining us on Writers in the Sky Podcast today September 25, 2009 to discuss his first book, Kill the Addiction: Stop Smoking: Without Quitting.

John English was born in Grenoble, France in 1930 to an English teacher. Raised in England he left for Canada at the age of 21, made it his home and eventually became Canadian CEO for three consecutive multinational companies in the Beauty products business, over a 25 year span. Now retired, he and his wife divide their time equally between Florida and Canada. John is a former smoker of fifty years. He was unable to quit smoking but was concerned about his health, so he devised a way to become smoke-free without quitting! He has been happily free of his addiction for over seven years now, and wants to share the secrets of his method with anyone and everyone anxious to kick the habit, and become drug-free.

John English battled an addiction to nicotine for fifty years and in Kill the Addiction, he lays out in detail his method to stop smoking. Knowing the difficulty that comes when someone tries to quit this difficult habit, John is anxious to share his solution with others.

He will be discussing the unique benefits of his method as well as whether or not his method can be used to treat addictions other than smoking. Interested listeners may purchase Kill the Addiction by visiting the Amazon Web site.

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