Friday, August 28, 2009

Marketing Guru Pam Perry

TGI Friday! I have uploaded a new show to my podcast this week! Pam Perry will be joining us today on Writers in the Sky Podcast!

During our interview, Pam Perry will talk about how she got started in marketing. We will find out why she chose to work in the African-American Christian market and what the biggest challenge is for Christian authors. Pam will discuss the top five mistakes new authors make, and then we will then find out what is next for her.

Pam Perry is known as the “PR Guru” and “Marketing Whiz” by the national media. Pam has arguably been one of the more high-powered and visible figures in public relations. Her career serves as a notable example of the potency that personally handled promotion has acquired in the mass media. Perry’s rise in the wrangling world of publicity began when she worked in public relations and advertising. Learning the business from the inside out, Perry became a PR agent and eventually formed her own firm, BART (Blacks in Advertising, Radio & Television), a nonprofit networking organization for African Americans in the media.

Pam will walk authors through the steps to help them fulfill their dreams. She helps as a PR Coach giving authors resources, contacts, best-selling tips, proven PR strategies to get your book out there.

Click on the arrow below to hear Pam's interview.

As a PR Coach, she can help authors:
  • Define and target your audience
  • Build a platform
  • Create a brand
  • Develop a campaign strategy
  • Produce dazzling press and marketing materials
  • Navigate social media
  • Generate media hits
  • What’s the best way to work with a PR Coach?

Pam also mentioned Ardyss Body Magic garment that can help you drop two to three sizes in ten minutes. Check out her Ardyss presentation on YouTube.

Listening to Writers in the Sky Podcast on a computer is easy. Just click this link: and go to my blog. On the right sidebar there is a list of archived shows. Click on the interview you would like to hear and it will open a post that has a link to the audio file.

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Pam Perry, PR Coach said...

You are such a gem!