Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Traditional Marketing Piece in the Book Trade

The traditional marketing piece in the book trade is a flyer, often called a “sell sheet.” Your sell sheet should include pertinent details, including:

· High-resolution cover artwork
· Title and subtitle
· Wholesalers and distributors who carry the book
· Publication date
· ISBN and list price (for all editions, including hardcover, paperback and audio)
· Binding type, dimensions, and page count
· Library of Congress Number and/or notice of Cataloging-in-Publication data
· List of special features such as indexes, bibliographies, and illustrations
· Quotes from reviews, especially from library journals (include date of review) and quotes from librarians. Even better, quote the full text of important library journal reviews on the reserve side of your sell sheet or include photocopies in the package.
· Awards (including finalist status)
· Brief synopsis and/or statement of benefits. Be sure your synopsis points out how your book is different from competitors.
· Brief author bio/credentials
· Publisher contact information

All this goes on one page, so you must write tight to conserve space and make your point clear. WITS author’s assistant Sarah Moore knows how to do this. Why not let her help you?

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