Friday, March 06, 2009

Shayn Cutino on Writers in the Sky Podcast Today!

Isn't it about time we started loving ourselves?

How can we give love to others, if we do not recognize ourselves as being worthy of love? How can we give anything of ourselves if we feel empty inside?

Shayn Cutino has written a book, The Anja Technique, The Art of Self Love that will teach you how to love yourself. Join us today as Writers in the Sky Podcast host, Yvonne Perry, interviews this new author.

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Shayn Cutino is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, a member of the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapist, the International Hypnosis Research Institute and the International Hypnosis Federation. In order to fulfill her passion to care about the "whole" person, she sought further accreditation and earned her certification with honors as a Holistic Health Practitioner from GCNM.

In working with people in a therapeutic capacity, it became apparent to Shayn that the missing connection between each person and a productive life was the relationship they had with themselves.

The Anja Technique was developed by Shayn to teach individuals how to really love and appreciate themselves. Throughout the book, individuals will discover that love is the greatest energy in the universe and it is crucial to personal success. This powerful and comprehensive 5-step process allows individuals to release blocks and obstacles that no longer serve them and to transform their lives into one of self acceptance and love.

Shayn loves in Northern California with her husband and children, where she maintains her private practice.

Book Synopsis:

The Anja Technique takes you on a spiritual journey to reawaken the love within yourself. This comprehensive and powerful 5-step process will help you overcome obstacles of guilt, inner conflict, self doubt, fear, jealousy, anger, and more. You will learn about the powerful subconscious, techniques and tools as well as affirmations. This will allow you to release blocks and obstacles that have held you back from yourself. Transform your life into one of love and self acceptance.

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Carma's Window said...

Great pod cast Yvonne. The Anja Technique is an amazing book. Shayn chops away clutter surrounding self-love that some people may have and gets straight to the point.