Friday, February 06, 2009

Irene Brodsky Discusses Her New Book of Poetry

Join Sarah Moore, author’s assistant for Writers in the Sky, as she interviews Irene Brodsky about her new book Poetry Unplugged.

Ms. Brodsky is a recent 62-year-old graduate of Brooklyn College and Poetry Unplugged is her first book of poetry. She was first prompted to express herself through poetry following the tragic events of September 11th. Following her own education in Philosophy and English, she has returned to the classroom to share her craft with new students.

In her first collection of work, titled Poetry Unplugged, she shares freestyle poetry that reflects on childhood experiences, everyday observations, and her life in Brooklyn.

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As Ms. Brodsky shares on the back of cover of the book, “Just step inside to find something for everyone!” Listeners will learn about the inspiration behind Brodsky’s poetry, her method for writing, and reasons that she chose to return to school and pursue writing at this stage in her life. She hopes to serve as an inspiration to other women who will treat their own age as just a number and encourage them to pursue their own dreams.

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Vada Wolter said...

Irene Brodsky's interview was very interesting and informative; I really enjoyed it. My writing partner and I also have used Outskirts Press for the two poetry book we have and agree that they are great to work with. I enjoyed reading Poetry Unplugged and look forward to more works by Irene.