Thursday, February 05, 2009

Patriot Acts by Steven Clark Bradley

Steven Clark Bradley’s writing reminds me of a script for the TV show 24. You might enjoy reading his latest book Patriot Acts. Here is a summary.

Today, America faces enemies that make the world of the Cold War seem like much brighter times. Islamic forces have declared Jihad on America causing the greatest threat to the life of the United States since World War II. In Patriot Acts, America finds itself under covert nuclear attack from the Islamic Republic of Iran which has linked up with radical American Militia groups. They have set aside their political and religious differences to carry out the widest attack to America in the nation's history. Colonel Fisher Harrison, the best trained Special Ops killer the military has, is the only one person who can effectively retaliate against their aggression. The only problem is that Colonel Fisher is in a federal prison, framed for a murder he did not commit by his former boss who is now the President of the United States of America. Take an amazing journey from Alaska to the Midwest and to the center of the Islamic Republic of Iran as two enemies unite to save the nation from two adversaries in league to bring the country to its knees. You will be amazed how close to home and to reality Patriot Acts could be!

Patriot Acts was published by Cambridge Books -- a subsidiary of Write Words, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality reading in both electronic and paper formats. They published more than 40 paperback books last year, and more than 65 electronic books.

"We are proud to have published Steven Clark Bradley's book, especially in these times." said Arline Chase, his publisher. "Today, it is more important than ever for Americas to be aware of the dangers our country faces. Yes, this book is fictional. But, its premise is certainly a plausible one."

Steven Clark Bradley's Patriot Acts

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