Friday, February 20, 2009

Author P.J. Thomas on Today's Podcast

Author of New Book My Name is Michael Exposes Terrifying Abuse of Children through Captivating Novel

Sarah Moore, author's assistant for Writers in the Sky, will be discussing the new release My Name is Michael with author P.J. Thomas. Thomas spent two years in China absorbing the culture and learning as much as he could about its people. He found a society that is deep in tradition and beauty but that is also home to a horrible practice. Young boys and girls from poor families in the countryside are kidnapped, purposefully deformed, and then put on the streets to beg. My Name is Michael is a fictional account of one boy who faces this hopeless situation.

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In today's interview, Thomas will discuss how he uncovered the truth behind this practice and how it is not limited to China. He also will share how he developed the characters for this novel and what listeners should do if they are moved by Michael's story. Listeners will have the opportunity to learn from Thomas' extensive time spent in China and the genuine concern that he has for the children of that country.

Please join us for this enlightening and sobering interview today.

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