Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Number One Fastest Way to Become a Freelance Writer

By Andrea Mai (a student in Yvonne Perry’s newbie mentoring class)

If you are a beginning writer or looking to break into a new style of writing, the most effective way to learn new techniques is to find a mentor. With a goal to become an income-earning freelance writer before I hit forty, I knew I needed some help. After reviewing a variety of online programs, correspondence and local courses, I found what I was looking for. Using a teleseminar format, the class would meet once a week for one hour with assignments to be completed throughout the week.

My mentor, Yvonne Perry, has been a working writer for many years. I had the privilege of meeting her through a local writer’s group. Whenever I meet a person who has skills I want or need, or if they’ve accomplished a feat I can learn from, I try to keep an eye out for them online and in the media. I observed her online presence grow by leaps and bounds over the past two years and I knew she could show me the ropes. When she said she was starting a mentoring program my interest was piqued. But, would she teach skills I actually needed or just fluff? As I read the list of assignments we would cover I was reassured.

The beginning course covers basic skills a freelancer needs and at the end you will have a portfolio of press/media releases, articles for article marketing, book review, summary or back cover blurb, and biographical sketches. There are three levels of the mentoring program and in the intermediate class topics covered will include organizing material for ghostwriting a book, setting prices, conducting business, closing the deal, public relations, and collecting payment. At the advanced level, subjects covered include finding a niche, promoting your online business, social marketing, and so much more.

While these are skills that could be learned from a book and a great deal of practice, the learning curve is drastically reduced when you work with a professional to guide you. The opportunity to ask questions, dig deeper, and get feedback are critical to improving your writing and business proficiency.

Yvonne Perry is the owner of Writers in the Sky Writers Service. To find out more about her mentoring program visit Writers in the Sky Podcast and Blog.

In her transition to a full-time writing career, Andrea Mai built Creating Momentum, a blog filled with resources for writers and artist who are doing the work and living out their dreams. Visit today to find out more about writing programs and mentors as well as other lived and learned tips and motivation.

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