Monday, January 12, 2009

Tillinghast Shares How Capitol Got the Beatles

Author Charles Tillinghast will join the Writers in the Sky podcast on Friday, January 16, to discuss his new book How Capitol Got the Beatles.

The author's assistant for Writers in the Sky, Sarah Moore, will be interviewing Charles Tillinghast about his fascinating and humorous look behind the scenes at The Beatles' record label. Mr. Tillinghast worked for fifteen years as the head of the Law Department of Capitol Records, including the time during which The Beatles were signed with the label. He shares inside information about how the contract with The Beatles almost did not come to pass, who really discovered the Fab Four, and how strains in personal relationships caused problems with the band’s contract negotiations.

This second-time author earned a Purple Heart for his service in the Korean War and returned home to earn his J.D. from Harvard Law School. While his knowledge of the legal details of the record industry is undeniable, in How Capitol Got the Beatles, and Then What Happened, Tillinghast has written a book that is accessible to every reader.

Listeners will enjoy this valuable information concerning the record industry specifically and effective marketing in general. For more information about Mr. Tillinghast and How Capitol Got the Beatles, and Then What Happened, please visit

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