Monday, December 01, 2008

Writers' Podcast Offers Perspectives on Human Behavior during this Holiday Season

Writers in the Sky December Podcast Guests to Discuss “Walk-Out Spirits,” the Mindset of Baby Boomers, and the Impact of Tragedy on our Relationships

Nashville, TN, December 1, 2008 – The holiday season is upon us and, this month, Writers in the Sky will be featuring a series of interviews that address three very distinct perspectives on the human experience. With the end of the year commonly considered a time of self-reflection, we hope the conversations with these authors will provide you with some food for thought. We begin with a discussion of movement between the spiritual and physical worlds. Then, a new author explains the psychological impact that his generation has had on our country. We end our month of interviews learning more about a novel of suspense that challenges the strong bonds of family and friends. We believe that these weekly podcasts will provide a welcome moment to pause during the frantic pace of the holidays.

On December 5, Yvonne Perry will discuss the concept of “walk-out spirits” with Ray Brennan and Masomeh Fritz as they share information from their new book titled The Legacy of the Chosen One. Yvonne will ask them about their main character, Laila, who exists in the spirit world even though her body remains in the physical world. Through this storytelling format, Brennan and Fritz hope to remove some of the mystery from metaphysics. They also will provide some insight as to why they believe such activity is happening in today’s world. Listeners who are intrigued by the spiritual world will love this informed exchange between Yvonne and her guests. For more information on The Legacy of the Chosen One, please visit the book’s page at

The Writers in the Sky’s author assistant, Sarah Moore, interviews M. C. Lloyd on December 12 about his new release titled Moving Beyond Woodstock. Lloyd is a member of the Baby Boom generation who shares a critical take on the subset of his peers to whom he refers as the “Woodys”. These are the men and women of the 1960s who either attended the famous three-day concert in New York or who have the mindset of those particular music lovers. Lloyd employs his background as a poet to develop a humorous depiction of the legacy created by the “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll” lifestyle of the Woodys, but also shares some serious concerns about how his generation has had a negative impact on our society. Lloyd’s strong opinions and sharp wit are certain to make for an entertaining interview. For more information on M. C. Lloyd and Moving Beyond Woodstock, please visit

Our final podcast of the year will take place on December 19. Tune in to this week’s broadcast for an interview with J.A. Nevling as he discusses his new thriller, Burned. Nevling’s book starts with a tragic fire that changes the lives of the Nagol family forever. Nevling powerfully weaves a plotline with flashbacks and cliffhangers that keep readers moving from one chapter to the next, and inspires reflection on the importance of trust in relationships, especially in families. In his interview with Sarah Moore, Nevling will discuss how he carefully crafted his sentences to build a novel that creates suspense and emotional investment from the reader. He also will share how he spent years developing the writing skills for his initial publication and why Burned was so long in the making. For information on purchasing Burned, please visit

“I know that everyone is busy during this time of year and I think our podcasts will provide a nice break at the end of the week,” shares Yvonne Perry, owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services, which produces the podcast. “Our three guests this month each offers unique insight into the human condition, both within ourselves and how we relate to other people. What a perfect focus while preparing for a new year and a fresh start!”

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