Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dyan Garris Automatic Chakra Balance

Today we welcome Dyan Garris to our writing blog. She is discussing her DVD for Automatic Chakra Balance “Doors To The Soul.”

YVONNE: Tell me something about yourself and your writing background.
DYAN: I’m a clairvoyant counselor and have built a Spiritual Toolbox™ full of products that are designed to work together for integration of mind, body, and spirit. I’ve published several books. My book “Money and Manifesting” is an Amazon Bestseller and is currently a finalist in the USA National Best Books of 2008 Awards. I’ve also started a new service recently and that is “Manifesting Therapy.”

YVONNE: What is the title of your DVD? Give us the basic story line so we’ll know what it’s about.
DYAN: The DVD is “Doors To The Soul” and it’s for Automatic Chakra Balance™. This is a technique I developed to balance the energy field in a short amount of time using music and visuals as a way to do it. The DVD is very relaxing and automatically balances your chakras in about 10 minutes. All you do is watch. And you will find that amazingly and to your surprise it keeps on working all day.

YVONNE: What inspired you to write this book?
DYAN: “Doors To The Soul” is part of the Spiritual Toolbox™ I’ve been building for the last three years. Many people have interest in balancing their energy field but have no knowledge of how to do it. The DVD does it for them. It balances mind, body, and spirit.

YVONNE: Is this the first book you have written?
DYAN: In addition to my Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards I’ve written an intuitive cookbook, a book of daily channeled messages, a mini book about the pattern of entitlement, a book about why the LOA is not enough to manifest and exactly what to do about it, a journal for journaling about your card readings, and a journal for journaling about your meditative journeys.

YVONNE: How long did it take to make this DVD? Any interesting tidbits about how the DVD developed?
DYAN: I’d like to think I usually have some interesting tidbits about the way my products have developed because they all go together and they all are built one atop the other. The Spiritual Toolbox™ is a system that is designed to help people integrate mind, body, and spirit and that is a necessary step in learning to manifest. The DVD took a while to make because vibrationally with the music and the visuals it had to do what it says it’s going to do – balance the chakras. The person who was originally working on the animation had some root chakra issues of their own and was having some difficulty with that part of the animation. I had to find someone else to do the animation eventually. As with my music and meditation series, it was essential that this DVD be vibrationally correct and effective.

YVONNE: How did you publish your DVD? Tell me about your publishing experience and what you learned from it. Please go into detail if you wish.
DYAN: I’ve published 12 CDs, so publishing the DVD wasn’t really a challenge. It’s basically a similar process. You just establish relations with a reputable replicator and a graphic artist and you’re good to go.

YVONNE: Did you work with an agent? If so, how did you find the agent? Was it beneficial to you?
DYAN: I did not work with an agent, no. Finding an agent seems to be challenging. In my case, I would only need an agent to find a publisher who would then be interested in picking up the entire product line. And I’d only need that in terms of distribution. However, I already have distribution, and I’m working on building a national sales force, so finding an agent at this point for me is probably moot. But in most cases major publishing houses will not entertain unsolicited material for your protection and theirs. This is where the agent is needed. If you want to submit your publication to a major publishing house you definitely need an agent. And getting an agent requires that you have an outstanding query letter and a thorough book proposal.

YVONNE: Where are your products available? Do you have a Web site or blog where we can learn more about you or your products?
DYAN: My products are available in a multitude of places. My main website is www.voiceoftheangels.com. Everything is available there. But I do have several other websites and affiliates as well. Retailers can order through New Leaf Distributing or Baker & Taylor. I’m on Amazon and also on B&N online. And any local metaphysical store either has my products in stock or can order them for the customer.

YVONNE: As far as marketing, do you do more online publicity or print/radio/TV promotion? Tell me some ways you have promoted your products. Give examples and links to any sites you feel might help other authors.
DYAN: I do a balanced mix of publicity with a focus on online promotion. Radio is a fantastic way to promote and it’s fun! As for promotion, I think I’ve done it all. I’ll try anything once or twice. Nikki Leigh has helped tremendously with online promotion. I don’t believe there is anyone better at online promotion than this woman. She’s incredible. Here is her link for promotion.

YVONNE: Have you hired a publicist to help promote your products? If so, what was your experience like?
DYAN: Yes. Nikki Leigh is my book and Virtual Book Tour publicist at the moment. She’s a joy to work with. She’s very on top of things. I have a music promoter Ed Bonk, who does all my music promotions. He’s the best.

YVONNE: Any other comments or things you would like for us to know?
DYAN: You are very thorough with your questions. I think we’ve covered it all.

YVONNE: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get to know you and learn about your book. I wish you well.
DYAN: Thank you, Yvonne for the opportunity to connect with you again and with your readership. I appreciate it greatly.


Dyan Garris said...

Hi Yvonne! Stopping by to thank you for this great interview and for having me here today. I'll pop in throughout the day to see if anyone has any questions. It's nice to visit with you again, Yvone.


Nikki Leigh - Author and Publicist said...

Hi Yvonne

Thank you for hosting Dyan today and sharing information about her wonderful new DVD with your readers :)

Nikki Leigh

Dyan Garris said...

Sorry, Yvonne! I DO know how to spell your name. And again, thank you for having me here.

Yvonne Perry said...

Easy mistake to make, Dyan. I appreciate you stopping by the blog today. I wish you well!