Monday, December 15, 2008

New Author Combines Mystery and Emotion

Author J. A. Nevling will join the Writers in the Sky podcast on Friday, December 19, to discuss his captivating new novel

Writers in the Sky's author assistant, Sarah Moore, will interview J. A. Nevling this Friday about his new book, Burned: A Tragic Mystery. Nevling's book starts with a tragic fire that changes the lives of the Nagol family forever. This moment of upheaval takes one member to a new city and a job at an accounting firm that is hiding secrets which could be deadly. Throughout the book, Nevling employs flashbacks and cliffhangers that keep readers moving from one chapter to the next, and inspires reflection on the importance of trust in relationships, especially in families. Since it's a mystery, you will have to read it yourself to find out the rest!

In this podcast interview, Nevling will discuss the techniques he used to create suspense and emotional investment from the reader. He also will share how he spent years developing the writing skills for his initial publication. With a background in the military and engineering, Nevling's evolution to a published author is an interesting story in itself!

You can learn more about J. A. Nevling and his new book, Burned: A Tragic Mystery, here.


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