Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tools for Budget-challenged Authors

Those on a budget who need help with writing to help promote a book will be interested in the helpful tips in the e-books below:

Do-it-Yourself Copywriting Guaranteed to Ignite Sales & Explode Your Business is a must-have guide for anyone writing their own copy.

This do-it-yourself book is just the tool to help authors learn how to write toward their target market and get a response. Click here to obtain Copywrting 101.

The Complete Guide to Writing a Press Kit That Gets Results by Allison Nazarian is a very useful tool for anyone who needs an electronic press kit to introduce themselves or their products.

This is especially needful for authors trying to get book reviews, interviews on radio shows or podcasts, or trying to get the media to run a press release. Order here.

The Complete Guide to Writing a Press Release That Gets Results–A step-by-step guide to writing a press release easily, painlessly and skillfully is an eBook that teaches the basics by defining what a press release is (and isn’t) and goes into how one should (and shouldn’t) read, look, and sound.

After demonstrating when one should be written, the author provides a template to be used as a model and explains each numbered step in the template. Purchase here.

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