Monday, January 07, 2008

Tusas Historical Author Velda Brotherton

January 11th Writers in the Sky Podcast Guest

Arkansas native, Velda Brotherton is Yvonne Perry’s guest as she discusses her book, Fly With The Mourning Dove—the true story of a young girl who grows up on a homestead in New Mexico.

Synopsis: In 1920 six-year-old Edna accompanies her

 parents to New Mexico to homestead 640 acres. Her father, a tuberculosis victim, hopes to restore his health while doing what he loves: running a ranch. This is the story of a family's struggle to tame an arid land and remain together while a disease ravages one of its members. It is the story of a small child who grows to love the stark and beautiful high desert country, even as her parents struggle against adversity.

For the past twenty years Velda has been writing historical articles and books. She is the co-chair of a writer's critique group that recently celebrated twenty years of success helping fledgling writers. In 2004 she was honored with a 30-minute documentary featuring her work to preserve Arkansas history. It appeared on PBS and was shown at several film festivals. Today Edna oversees ranches in the Tusas River Valley of New Mexico and the San Luis Valley of Colorado. At the age of ninety-three, she visits her beloved Tusas whenever she can.

Velda's book (ISBN # 1-4241-5904-0) is available online through the bookstore at Publish America, and on Amazon and B&N or

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