Friday, January 04, 2008

TGIF David Gerson January 4, 2008

TGIF and I've uploaded another informative podcast for writers and authors! This week we are learning about listening to our inner voice or muse. My guest is Mark David Gerson, the author of THE VOICE OF THE MUSE.

MARK DAVID GERSON has taught writing as a creative and spiritual pursuit for more than 15 years, helping both novice and seasoned writers to deepen their creativity, move through creative blocks and answer their call to write. He came to this work after many years of feeling he wasn't creative and didn't have original stories to tell. He disproved that myth and answered his call to write with The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy, a novel for adults and young adults that has already won awards nationally and in his home state of New Mexico.

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Following on the heels of his success with The MoonQuest (itself the first volume of a projected trilogy), Mark David has written The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write, a book of inspiration, instruction and practice for writers, and has recorded a companion CD of guided meditations for writers. The book and CD, suitable for writers in all genres and all levels of experience, draw on his years of teaching and coaching in the U.S. and his native Canada and on his experiences writing The MoonQuest.

An inspirational speaker as well as an author, coach and mentor, Mark David has spoken to groups all over the country about empowerment, creativity, personal growth and spirituality. His essays on those same topics now reach readers in some two dozen countries through his free e-mail newsletter.

In part two, find out why Mark David started his own publishing company, Lightlines Media, and how he chose a printer for his book.

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