Friday, December 21, 2007

TGIF! Janet Switzer's book teaches you how to make Instant Income

TGIF and I've uploaded another timely and informative podcast to Writers in the Sky.

  • Foreclosure, credit card debt and no money for retirement?
  • Are you on the wrong side of the American dream?
  • Are you a baby boomer needing to make up for lost time and still retire in style?
  • Have you tried cutting back and still can’t eliminate debt?
If any of the above scenarios or questions pertain to you, our podcast guest this week may have just the advice you need. Listen to learn how everyday people make millions...sometimes in as little as one day.

Most people want to be on a solid financial footing. Janet Switzer (pronounced S-why-tzer) has generated instant income for celebrity entrepreneurs like Chicken Soup for the Soul's Les Brown and others, but today Janet will talk to us about how you, too, can generate incredible amounts of cash in just hours, days or weeks.

Read more about Janet and her book at

Janet is the author of a new book called Instant Income: Strategies That Bring In the Cash. Whether you’ve got a small business, whether you’re employed by someone else or if you just want to be an occasional entrepreneur making a few thousand dollars on the side several times a year—Janet Switzer has the formula for putting cash in your bank account.

Click here to listen to the interview...

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