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Susan Schabb Wearing the Spider

Susan Schaab will be Suzanne Lieurance’s guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast November 16th, 2007!

Susan Schaab is a New York attorney who, for more than eight years, practiced technology and intellectual property law with various firms and as in-house counsel in New York, Texas and California.

She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1985 and established herself as a systems designer and consultant in Dallas, Texas, writing software in a variety of programming languages. In 1989, she moved to California to attend law school. While a law student, she participated in a “study abroad” program in London and clerked as an unpaid stagiaire in a small international French firm. She graduated from law school in 1992. She has licenses to practice law in New York, Texas, California and D.C.

She began developing material for a novel in 1998. In 2002, she attended a workshop for lawyers writing legal fiction. She was also accepted into the 2002 Summer Seminar for Writers at Sarah Lawrence College, but was not able to attend due to unexpected obligations. She is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime and Authors’ Coalition.

Below is a synopsis of her book, Wearing the Spider.

It starts with a simple unwanted kiss…and evolves into a labyrinthine trail of forgery and illusion…a hijacked identity, a corruption scandal involving a U.S. Senator accused of channeling illegal benefits to a shady South American firm…even kidnapping and murder. Wearing the Spider by Susan Schaab, first in a series of fiction titles from Galavant Press, may be the only novel to combine elements of sexual harassment, identity theft, and political scandal into one sophisticated plot set in the hard-driving corporate culture.

Evie Sullivan, a rising legal star on the fast track to partnership at her respected New York law firm, is being set up for a fall…a BIG fall. Besieged initially with seemingly innocuous recordkeeping errors, she overhears portions of a shocking telephone conversation. Then, she is blindsided by discoveries that are much more troubling: impersonation of her email username and unmistakable sabotage of one of her client projects causing a groundswell of doubt within the firm about her competence. Once her name is linked to a deal containing a questionable, and possibly illegal, arrangement, she has no choice but to conduct her own clandestine investigation to clear her name.

An FBI agent confronts her with tough questions about murder and fraud for which she has no answers. As she searches for the truth, the electronic evidence shifts and transforms behind a dynamic veil of security—and certain pieces of the puzzle simply disappear. How will she gather tangible evidence to prove her innocence among the elusive clues and carefully woven traps? At stake: not only her professional reputation and her future with the firm, not only a commission worth $25 million—but several lives.

In this intricately plotted and memorable thriller, attorney and former computer consultant Susan Schaab draws on her expertise in intellectual property and technology law as well as computer systems design to create a fast-paced and thoroughly believable journey through corruption and intrigue…an exhilarating joyride that explores the complex relationships in a big-city law firm, where sexual harassment and manipulation may be more common than any statistics suggest.

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Author Photograph by Pamela Einarsen

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Susan and I met in person at BEA this last spring. It was a pretty exciting time for her with "Spiders" coming out. Like many books, it had a hard birth. She had participated in a display at our Authors Coalition booth without a fully formed book and it went on and on. She's a good example for all that it can be done. Perserverance. And, of course, she had a book worth the effort. Congratulations, Susan.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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