Monday, September 17, 2007

Reverend Dan Bloodworth

Reverend Dan Bloodworth will be Yvonne Perry's guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast September 21, 2007!

Yvonne met Reverend Dan Bloodworth in 2005 and immediately became intrigued by his enthusiasm regarding stem cell research.

Reverend Dan and Carol Bloodworth’s All-American athlete son, Brian, suffered a spinal cord injury when he was hit by lightning in 1987. Now an adult, Brian, is in a stage 4 coma and is fed through a tube.

Reverend Bloodworth has been advocating for blastocystic (embryonic) stem cell research for more than 16 years in hopes of finding help for his son. As a result of his extensive knowledge on the topic, Dan has been appointed to the Advisory Council to Congress regarding stem cell research. Dan believes he can make the world a better place by helping others understand the facts about blastocyst stem cell research.

Bloodworth attended Rhema Bible College in order to better understand how the right wing beliefs against blastocystic stem cell research are supported. His education led him to believe that stem cell research and any subsequent therapy is a gift from God, and showed him that the logic of those who use the Bible to support their beliefs is unfounded.

“Neither the scripture nor biological data can be used to support that a life is being taken when blastocyst stem cells are used for research,” says Dan.

When Dan travels the country and speaks about stem cell research, preachers and parishioners are astounded because they simply did not know that fertilized eggs are not human beings. “They have a mental picture of a little miniature baby swimming around in its mother’s womb,” reports Dan. “They have never been given factual or scientific information about blastocyst stem cells, and they haven’t done any research on their own. Instead, they are willing to naively believe other people who have told them that in vitro stem cell research kills babies.”

After Dan shared his findings and Biblically supportive information with Republican Leader Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, Senator Frist became a major supporter of federal funding for blastocystic stem cell research. He even spoke against President Bush’s veto of H.R. 810 in July 2006, which would have allowed research on stem cell lines previously frozen for use in fertility treatments. I’m sure you would like to know what Reverend Bloodworth shared that was so convincing. That’s exactly what he will present in our interview on September 21st.

Yvonne Perry learned a lot from Dan and included his information in her book RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America. This book is now available on all online bookstores and will be available in local bookstores October first.


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