Sunday, September 16, 2007

Marketing Tips on Internet Radio

Please join Phil Harris and his guests and listen to issues that other stations ignore, refuse to discuss, or try to cover up!

Mark your calendars for this Monday, September 17 at 6:30 Central Time and listen to the NPR of Internet radio (rated in the top ten by Arbitron). Freelance writing business owner, Yvonne Perry, will share her marketing tips with Phil Harris on his show ALL THINGS THAT MATTER. Go to click on Phil Harris.

Yvonne is a full-time freelance writer, editor, author, public speaker and the owner of Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services. She is the author of eleven children’s eBooks, a humorous book about mid-life crisis, More Than Meets the Eye: True Stories about Death, Dying and Afterlife, (comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one) and RIGHT TO RECOVER Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America.

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Bastet said...

Is it easier to get onto the Internet version of NPR than the regular verision? The regular version in our city has been putting me off for months, despite assurances that they do want to get me on the air. I'm starting to lose patience and I'd be happy to do the Internet radio if they are approachable. Any help would be good.

Lynn, author of "Excited Light"

Bastet said...

Forgot to leave my URL for the blog chain: