Friday, June 15, 2007

TGIF June 15, 2007

Suzanne Lieurance is our host for this week's Writers in the Sky Podcast as she interviews Carla Groenewegen. Carla is the director of Summit University where Virginia M. Fellows, author of the Shakespeare Code studied. Virginia passed away before her book was published. Carla knew Virginia fairly well and has become the spokesperson for The Shakespeare Code.

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Here's a description of the book, The Shakespeare Code:

The true story revealed through encrypted messages within the whole works of Shakespeare far exceeds the drama, comedy, tragedy, intrigue, betrayal, false identity and heroism of the actual plays! A real cipher wheel exists today and the author has painstakingly decoded the works of Shakespeare and compared them to known historic events to create a poignant and tragic tale that ends on a note of triumphant. Illustrations and code wheels included so the reader can do it themselves.

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Suzanne Lieurance is the Founder, Director, and Coaching Coordinator The National Writing for Children Center Home of the Children's Writers Coaching Club P.O. Box 8422 Kansas City, Missouri 64114.

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