Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Writers in the Sky Podcast

In October 2005, I launched a weekly podcast called WRITERS IN THE SKY which covers a wide gamut of writing interests. Each week I interview magazine and book publishers, writers, book publicists as well as authors who want to share the storyline or information about their book. I also interview anyone who has writing, publishing and marketing tips to offer.

The information-rich show is available as audio on the list of archived shows in the sidebar of my blog It is also listed on

If you are interested in being interviewed as a guest, please send the following digital information with a very short query letter to me via email:
  • A bio on you
  • A bio on your business
  • A jpg of your book’s front cover. If you are not promoting a book, I can use your business logo to promote your work.
  • A jpg photo of you
  • Any questions you would like me to ask you during the interview
  • Blurb from back cover or a synopsis of the book
  • You book's ISBN
  • The URL to your website or other place your book is available
  • I would appreciate having a review copy of your book, if available. Please ask for the mailing address when you query.
If you would like to get an email whenever I upload a new show to Writers in the Sky Podcast, you may subscribe to this blog at

Yvonne Perry

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