Thursday, April 19, 2007

The First Annual PJs Award

Writers have a Pajama Party to Celebrate their Success in Article Writing Contest

On Wednesday, April 4, 2007, The Working Writer’s Coach, Suzanne Lieurance presented Golden PJs awards to the participants and winners of the Lieurance/King 2007 New Year's Article Challenge. Since the participants do not live in close proximity to one another, the awards were presented virtually in a teleconference arranged through

Twenty-four writers began the article writing challenge on February 1, 2007, with a goal to each write 30 articles before March 31, 2007. Other writers continued to join the race even after Yvonne Perry, owner of Nashville-based Write On! Creative Writing Services, had reached her goal having written 34 articles. Perry secured first place in the winner’s circle beside second and third runner-ups, Hal Manogue and Kate Garvey.

The award given to each winner was a statue of a pair of pajamas, signifying the freedom home-based freelance writers have in selecting their daily work attire. No power suits for Yvonne Perry pictured here in her pink poodle pajamas as the call was taking place.

Participants in this challenge live all over the globe. Some are professional freelance writers; others are hopeful writers trying to get their freelance writing careers started. A few participants joined the group only a week prior to the ending of the event, but still found the challenge beneficial because it forced them to set up their own blog or Web site and to stop procrastinating about their writing. And, even if contestants didn’t write a single article, they did gain knowledge from the 21-day course Tips for Effective Article Marketing offered by the co-hosts of the challenge.

Writer and Consultant, Terry L. Sanders, said, “When I heard of this Challenge I had just started to put together my business. I didn't have a website--I'm not positive I had business cards. Article marketing was something I was hearing faint echoes about, and I had no idea what good it would do me or how to start. Now I've started. I haven't gotten as far as I wanted, but I've started. You've given me that start. And, I thank you all.

On April 27, 2007, those who participated in the article challenge will have a second chance to discuss, in a recorded teleconference, the benefits they found in attempting to write 30 articles in 60 days. This call will be made available by Yvonne Perry as part of her weekly Writers in the Sky Podcasts. Anyone who wishes to know more about how article marketing can drive business to a Web site or blog may listen to the podcast on Yvonne's blog.

Those who wish to participate in the next article challenge planned for May 2007 may contact Ms. Lieurance at

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