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April Podcast Guests

April 6, 2007 Genene Coté of DPPpress

Do you want to turn your book into an eBook and sell it on the Web?

Genene Coté and her team at DPPpress can help you do just that!

The DPP team has a vast amount of experience in writing, editing, and publishing. DPP can take your digital document, turn it into an eBook, market it on their Web site, distribute it to your buyers and send you a check! Find out how when Genene joins Yvonne Perry for an interview on Writers in the Sky April 6th. Or check out their Web site here:

Genene Coté and her husband, author David Coté, have more than seventy years of combined business experience. As software developers, Genene and David know the ins and outs of digital rights management (DRM), copyright and data security and are able to bring a unique understanding of intellectual property and technology to their company.

Why not browse the DPP store and find an eBook to read on your laptop this summer during your vacation trip. Some eBooks are offered at no charge! Can’t beat that, can you?


April 13, 2007 Children's Writing Coach Suzanne Lieurance

Suzanne Lieurance is a professional writer who has a desire to help other freelance writers reach their dreams and goals. Suzanne is known as the working writer’s coach. She is a successful freelance writer whose focus is on assisting writers and authors with the mechanics of writing and the art of networking.

Suzanne and I have partnered on several events such as the 40-article challenge and the New Year’s article challenge. Our strategic alliance has proven beneficial to each of us. Our latest endeavor is Writers on Call—subscription-based teleclasses where we teach how to start and operate a freelance writing business.

Suzanne has written many books for children which have been published by major publishing houses. During my interview with Suzanne, we will talk about her coaching programs - both for children's writers and for those who write for adults.

Read more about Suzanne’s children’s coaching program and learn how you can participate at

Sign up here to receive Suzanne’s two free ebooks - Get Your Freelance Writing Career Off the Ground and Tricks of the Trade: Learn to Write for Children. Every weekday morning you'll also receive The Morning Nudge, a few words to inspire and motivate you to get a little writing done.

April 20, 2007 Business Author Tricia Malloy

Tricia Molloy is the author of the new book, Divine Wisdom at Work:™ 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs—a quick read and a life-long reference book for anyone who wants to use principles—like the Law of Attraction, visualization, affirmations and gratitude—for success in business and life. Through information, inspiration, real-life business anecdotes and enlightening exercises, the book shows how to tap into the wisdom of the universe and create, grow and manage an extraordinary business.

Tricia is a seasoned entrepreneur and business consultant who knows how to work joyfully on purpose. Tricia started her own marketing and public relations firm in 1988 to support the success of other passionate small-business owners. She is also a freelance journalist who has written more than 100 business profiles and articles for newspapers and magazines.

As a New Thought business leader, Tricia applies universal principles to run her company and counsel clients and colleagues. She coaches, speaks and conducts workshops on how to work with wisdom. As the founder of the Divine Wisdom at Work Council, Tricia brings enlightened entrepreneurs together to share ideas, discuss challenges and opportunities, celebrate successes, and support each other while putting these universal principles into practice. She is also a member of the Association for Spirit at Work, a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of spirituality in the workplace.

For more information, visit

April 27, 2007 New Year’s Article Challenge Winners

On February 1st, twenty-six writers accepted Suzanne Lieurance and Kristin King’s New Year’s challenge to write 30 articles by March 31, 2007. The contestants will be interviewed in a group call to discover what they learned from the experience and how this challenge is helping them improve as a writer and business owner.

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