Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Publisher Robert Gussin Coming to Writers in the Sky

On February 9, 2007 Yvonne Perry will interview Bob Gussin of Oceanview Publishing

Robert Gussin had a highly successful career as a medical researcher, including fourteen years as Chief Scientific Officer of Johnson and Johnson. Bob graduated from Duquesne University and received a doctorate from the University of Michigan Medical School. He and his wife (and fellow author, Patricia Gussin) divide their time between Longboat Key, FL, East Hampton, NY and their vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand.

His book Trash Talk was published by Oceanview Publishing, which he founded in 2004. Oceanview is committed to establishing a tradition of excellence in independent publishing. Dedicated to providing readers worldwide with high quality works of fiction and nonfiction, we at Oceanview are steadfast in our mission to discover and develop both new and established authors and create exemplary works which entertain, enlighten, enthrall, enchant, and enrich. We are committed to the lasting success of our writers, and we endeavor to become a leading force in independent publishing.

Be sure to listen to this show to find out the genre and type of books this publisher is looking for!

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