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Writers in the Sky Podcast Schedule for February 2007

February 1 – Jim Palmer

Rising above his bleak childhood, Jim Palmer became a “born-again, inerrancy-defending, seeker-targeted pastor” of an evangelical megachurch with a certainty about what it meant to be a Christian. But when a series of personal and professional setbacks left him heartbroken and wondering just exactly where God was, a string of chance encounters with ordinary folks changed almost everything Jim thought he knew about God.

Jim Palmer is the author of Divine Nobodies—a book about shedding religion to find God. This book of “nobodies” will unlock the door to great spiritual truths on the journey to authentic Christianity.

February 9 – Bob Gussin

Robert Gussin had a highly successful career as a medical researcher, including fourteen years as Chief Scientific Officer of Johnson and Johnson. Bob graduated from Duquesne University and received a doctorate from the University of Michigan Medical School. He and his wife (and fellow author, Patricia Gussin) divide their time between Longboat Key, FL, East Hampton, NY and their vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand.

His book Trash Talk was published by Oceanview Publishing, which he founded in 2004. Oceanview is committed to establishing a tradition of excellence in independent publishing. Dedicated to providing readers worldwide with high quality works of fiction and nonfiction, we at Oceanview are steadfast in our mission to discover and develop both new and established authors and create exemplary works which entertain, enlighten, enthrall, enchant, and enrich. We are committed to the lasting success of our writers, and we endeavor to become a leading force in independent publishing.

February 16 – Dr. Eric Kaplan

Best-selling author and nationally recognized speaker Dr. Eric Scott Kaplan is one of only four people known to have been poisoned by fake Botox injections. Now that he is back from the dead, Dr. Kaplan is ready to tell his story.

The Kaplans were told they were getting FDA-approved Botox shots, but in reality, they were injected with a large dose of raw, unapproved botulinum toxin. At least 200 other doctors, plastic surgeons, naturopaths and dermatologists in the U.S. ordered Botulinum Toxin Type A from the same laboratory that marketed it to Advanced Integrated Medical Center where the Kaplans were poisoned. Why would well-respected doctors use a substance marked “not for human use” on their unsuspecting patient? GREED! The raw toxin could be diluted to create a fake Botox at nearly 50 percent of the normal price of genuine Botox. No one knows how many people received the bogus serum before the public knew about the botch-up. Needless to say, the Kaplans’ story has sparked a lot of controversy and awareness about the risks associated with Botox.

DYING TO BE YOUNG, MY JOURNEY FROM BOTOX TO BOTULISM deals with the pain, suffering, confusion, and mental flashbacks of his ordeal in an inspirational and progressive manner covering his and his wife’s 90-day hospitalization and subsequent rehabilitation.

The Kaplans’ alarmingly heart-wrenching experience received national and international media attention, but the news accounts only reported the sensationalism of the story. What has not been common knowledge until now is the spiritual insight Dr. Kaplan received while in a dream state.

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February 23 – Pam Lontos

Pam Lontos is the owner of PR/PR, a publicity firm that specializes in authors, speakers, and experts. She has done it all: She was Vice President of Sales for Disney-owned Shamrock Broadcasting, a nationally known speaker, the author of “Don’t Tell Me it’s Impossible until after I’ve already Done it.” Each phase of her professional life added more knowledge about public relations and publicity.

PR/PR represents such people as Brian Tracy, Diane Ladd, Jason Jennings, several medical practitioners, financial planners, best selling authors, and noted speakers. Recent placements have been in USA Today, CNN, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

Find out how Pam can help you promote your book, product or business.

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