Friday, January 26, 2007

TGIF January 26, 2007 Valerie Connelly

My guest today is writer, author, educator, and radio show host, Valerie Connelly.

Ms. Connelly is the founder and president of Nightengale Press –a traditional publisher with a non-traditional way of helping authors get their book published.

Valerie Connelly hosts a popular weekly internet radio program. Much like Writers in the Sky, Valerie's show CALLING ALL AUTHORS is designed to promote authors and provide book publishing information from dynamic experts in publishing, marketing and writing. This show is available not only to Nightengale Press authors, but any author who wants to reach out to the growing listening audience on the internet.

Listen to Part One of Yvonne Perry's interview with Valerie now.....

NIGHTENGALE PRESS works with authors, editors and illustrators from all over the world to produce publishing-ready manuscripts, design covers and illustrate children's books, protect their work, and develop a marketing plan.

Listen to Part Two now....

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Andrea said...

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