Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get National Media Attention Through Strategic Publicity

“I see your name everywhere.” That’s the phrase everyone want to hear. Learn how to promote your product or service by using the many avenues of publicity.

Whether you are writing a book, running a business, consulting, or speaking, the one thing you need most is name recognition. One of the most direct ways to improve recognition is by getting the media to tell the world about you. Publicity sells more books, increases fees, and makes more profits for your business. Using the awesome power of the media to reach into every nook and cranny of America is what drives people to you.

Pam Lontos will be Yvonne Perry's podcast guest in February. The show will be devoted to what an individual can do as an author, publisher, or whatever, to kick their publicity into high gear.


· How to get interviewed by national magazines, radio and television.

· How to publish articles in trade & industry magazines.

· How to write a compelling press release.

· How to give a great interview.

· How to create “top-of-mind awareness.”

· How to develop a unique “hook” to interest the media.

· What mistakes people make when trying to get publicity and how to avoid them.

· How to get the media to want to interview you

· How to get journalists to quote you as an expert.

About Pam Lontos:

· President of PR/PR, a public relations firm in Orlando, FL specializing in authors, speakers, and experts.

· Past VP of Disney’s Shamrock Broadcasting in charge of all radio and TV.

· Author of Don’t Tell Me It’s Impossible Until After I’ve Already Done It, published by William Morrow and Co.

· Recently placed authors in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Entrepreneur, and on CNN.

· Has been a featured speaker on programs with Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer, Tom Peters, etc.

Client Books Have Included:

· Chicken Soup for the Caregiver’s Soul

· The American Bar Association’s first novel, The Shadow of Justice

· Less is More by Jason Jennings (Business Best Seller)

· Taming the Paper Tiger by Barbara Hemphill

· All of Brian Tracy books (e.g. Victory!, Goals, TurboStrategy, Time Power, Million Dollar Habits, Create Your Own Future, Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life, Getting Rich Your Own Way)

Publishers Pam has worked with:

· Wiley


· Entrepreneur Press

· BK

· Harper Collins

· Portfolio

· Kiplinger Books

· Prentiss-Hall

Contact Information:

Pam Lontos

President, PR/PR

775 S. Kirkman Road, Ste. 104

Orlando, FL 32811

(800) 786-1764



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