Thursday, September 07, 2006


By: Barbara Sharp

Right of the keyboard and left of Merriam-Webster's Tenth Edition is a dead whippet. Around her neck is the State of Texas. Her erect ears are wings and she flies on an invisible magic carpet through blue skies with cottony clouds.

Missy wears her pink collar and ID tag shaped like Texas. She's been gone seven years but is memorialized on this mouse pad with blue sky background.

What's on YOUR Desk?


Yvonne Perry said...

There's a lot of junk on my desk right now: old receipts I plan to post in my checkbook when I get the courage to try and balance it, tons of papers, an empty water bottle and a glass of "dead" (ice melted, watered-down, room-temp) tea that I've been meaning to take back to the kitchen. Then there is the old newspaper in which I was going to read my horoscope. I guess by now, I can see 20/20 in retrospect as to whether or not it is accurate. I also have a blank CD that I'm planning to use to back up my files, and some notes and cassette tapes from interviews that I need to transcribe and get into the book I am writing. The plant on my desk needs watering and I really should wipe off some of the dust that has accumulated. Oh, and I must not forget the green frog wizard and gold Buddha statues that I use to bring in good luck and money. Gotta rub Buddha's belly. Type at you later!


Writer4762 said...

I'm not quite so formal in that I have a desk where I write. Actually, my desk is my lap, since I use a laptop for my writing. What's on my lap? My laptop and you can take it to the bank that a Diet Coke is lurking nearby me along with my beagle, Baby snoring.

Aaahh, the simple things!