Monday, November 28, 2011

This Week's Podcast Guest: Author and Philosopher Robert DeFilippis

Everyone knows there are two topics you don't discuss at cocktail parties: politics and religion. And given how polarized this country has become on these two issues, this caveat seems more prudent than ever before. When it comes to religion, one of the most fiercely debated topics is whether we should believe the scientific community's "empirical evidence" concerning human evolution and purpose, or whether we should follow religious doctrine on blind faith. It has become long accepted by many of us that the two viewpoints are mutually exclusive.

Well, Bob DeFilippis begs to differ...with everyone. In his third book, Faith, Stirred Not Shaken, DeFilippis explores both sides of the debate and asks all to consider, what if we are all wrong...and all right?

Faith, Stirred Not Shaken explores the probability that religion and science are not actually at war with one another, but have worked together to create--and continually shape--us and the world we live in.

Robert DeFilippis is a retired organizational development consultant and executive coach. During his 45-year-career he traveled the world to work with people of all ethnic, religious, and educational backgrounds. His experiences with them have informed and inspired his writing career.

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