Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's Podcast Guest: Kenneth Williams, Sr.

There are those of us out there (myself included) for whom the very mention of the word math inspires fear. Well, carpenter, contractor and professor Kenneth Williams, Sr. is here to take away that fear, with the simple yet practical formulas in his how-to book, Applying Mathematics to Construction.

Williams has always been a creative person. As a child growing up in New Orleans, he studied and performed music. As an adult, he creates through carpentry. Now, with his book, he has created an easier way for others to successfully complete their own projects.

While this book's primary audience are carpenters, contractors, or those learning these trades, Williams says that everyone can benefit from the formulas in his book.

Kenneth Williams is planning on writing at least two more books, one of which will be on his other love: music.

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Unknown said...

I liked this podcast interview. It was on point.