Friday, September 23, 2011

Join Us for An Interview With Ginger Allen Cucolo

This week's guest is writer and historian Ginger Allen Cucolo. Ginger is here to speak about her new book, Dog Tags: The History, Personal Stories, Cultural Impact, and Future of Military Identification.

The title promises a lot, and it delivers--tenfold. Dog Tags is a fascinating chronicle of the heroism, bravery and humanity of the United States military. But even more than that, it is the story of America itself, told through the eyes of those who protect it.

Ginger Allen Cucolo is the wife, daughter, and sister of American servicemen, and her love for the military shines through in every story. From the Civil War to current day, Dog Tags provides a window into the events--both tragic and triumphant--that shaped our nation.

Ginger has written many articles regarding this topic, both online and in print. She holds a Bachelor Degree in History from The University of Texas, and a Master of Science Degree from California College for Health Sciences. She also manages five websites, including

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