Friday, August 05, 2011

The Cobras: an interview with author Jim Daddio

Join the WITS Podcast for an exciting interview with author Jim Daddio about his latest book, The Cobras. Jim speaks in depth about his writing process, about character development, as well as his editing and publishing experiences. Readers will appreciate this engaging discussion with podcast host Vonnie Faroqui, who wraps up the interview by inviting the author to read an excerpt from the book.

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About the Author

Jim Daddio retired after forty years in sales and sale management in the computer and telecommunications industry. This is his fourth published novel. The first three are a series of private investigation mysteries featuring P. I. Art Decco. Jim Daddio, and his wife Jill, live in Palm City, Florida and spend their summers in Virginia. He is developing ideas for several new novels.

About the Cobras
Three friends celebrate their college graduation on a boat floating on Lake Norman near Charlotte, North Carolina. Ron Gilmore, Ken Marshal and Doug Mason have been best friends since the age of six. In high school, they became known as The Cobras. The trio agrees to meet back on the boat exactly five years later for a Cobra reunion.
 But the journey they take during those years will lead them into a compelling and gripping web of deceit, murder and redemption. At the time of the reunion, Ron is caught in an insurance scam that has the FBI investigating him, led by Agent Diane Andrews. She drags Ron into a world of lies, drugs, sex and murder. It seems Doug, now a U.S. Army Lieutenant, and Ken, a millionaire by way of a shady business deal, have also crossed paths with Agent Andrews. When two drug dealers, and a pilot, are found murdered in an official FBI airplane, the Bureau believes that Agent Andrews may have been involved and is on the run. They call in their top Special Agent, Pierson, to track her down, or if need be, eliminate her. The powerful and dramatic climax finds The Cobras together again on the cliffs overlooking Cabo San Lucas - fighting for their lives as the FBI and the Mexican Police confront Andrews during a wild shootout.

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