Friday, July 08, 2011

This Week's Podcast Guest: Hilderbrand Pelzer III

Award-winning educator Hildebrand Pelzer III joined us today for a discussion of his book, Unlocking Potential: Organizing a School Inside a Prison. This is inspiring book highlights Pelzer's 23 years in the service of Pennsylvania's students, including those often forgotten: incarcerated youth.
When Hildebrand Pelzer III became a teacher after graduating from college, he had no idea that education would become his life's mission. After several years at the School District of Philadelphia, he went on to lead the Penny Pack House School, located in the fifth-largest urban jail system in the United States. There, Pelzer directed the School District of Philadelphia's participation in the prison system and created the Juvenile-Focused Correctional Educational School Model, which has received national accolades and is the standard of success in educating school-age incarcerated youth.

In Unlocking Potential, Hildebrand shares both his passion for his work and his goal of bringing his Model to other prison systems across the nation. He serves as a source of inspiration, not only to America's students and educators, but to all aspiring writers who want to share their message.

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