Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Listen in to 90.3 WPLN FM for a feature on A Novel Idea

Listen in tomorrow: A Novel Idea Featured on NPR

I'm so happy to announce the air date for a feature by NPR's Daniel Potter about A Novel Idea!

Today a story featuring ANI Novelists and our Chief Executive Muse, Kristen House, will air at 6:34am, 8:34am, and just after 12:30pm.

The story will also have an online presence at on the front page!

After their article in The Tennessean, several more applications rolled in, nearly filling both class C and D.

July's classes for middle school and high school have a few spaces remaining, but she don't expect that to be the case after the NPR story airs.

However, Kristen is happy to announce that ANI will be offering Fall Classes starting in September! Read on for details.

For more information, email kristen at

Fall Classes Enrolling Now:

It's been a scheduling circus here at ANI central, but we're happy to say that Fall Classes are now enrolling for both teenagers and adults!

Classes will be held on the campus of Belmont University starting in September.

The ANI experience will be spread out over nine weeks, allowing more time for invention, creation, and imagination to take over.

The first classes will get underway on September 12th and meet once a week through November 7th on Mondays.

The second batch of classes starts on October 10th and will meet once a week on Wednesdays through December 5th.

ANI will be taking a hiatus in the spring to focus on classes about query letters, publishing, and editing. So if you're thinking about taking the novel-writing class, there's no time like the present!

For more information, email Kristen or visit

Note from the Chief Executive Muse

I have been humbled by the overwhelming response from educators across the state, and across the country! Thank you so much for your support, and thank you so much for recommending this truly novel concept to the wordy people in your lives.

Kristen House

A Novel Idea

Write Something Big!

News at a Glance

NPR Love: Listen in to 90.3 WPLN FM for a feature on A Novel Idea

ANI Fall Classes: Enrolling Now!

Jumpstart: one-day workshop for adults enrolling now!

The Novel Experience: Adult 9-week workshop enrolling now!

ANI Not Just For Kids:

Why should the kids have all the fun? Now, they won't. ANI is now offering two new classes for adults.

You have a novel inside your brain and you don't know how to get it onto paper. A Novel Jumpstart is designed to teach you the nitty-gritty rules of novel-writing in one food-filled day. The July 23rd session is filling quickly!
And if you're ready for a big challenge, The Novel Experience, a 9-week novel-writing workshop, kicks off at Belmont University in September and October.

Intrigued? Contact Kristen for more info.

ANI Creative Services!

You've written a novel, or a something - maybe you're not sure what it is yet - and you don't know what to do with it?

ANI to the rescue!

We now offer a full menu of creative services: proofreading, editing, and the full-muse coaching experience!

Contact Kristen for details.

Apply Today!

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