Friday, June 17, 2011

Researching the Life of Former Slave, Inventor Joseph Lee

Writers In The Sky Podcast welcomes Jerome T. Peoples, author of Lee's Bread Machines.  Jerome visits for an interview with podcast host Vonnie Faroqui. The us as we discuss the difficulties inherent in researching the life of former slave, and inventor of the automatic bread machine, Joseph Lee.

About the Author

Jerome T. Peoples was born April 4,1955 in Detroit Michigan . Jerome attended Monteith Elementary, Butzel Jr. High, Jackson Jr. High, and Southeastern High School. Mr. Peoples attended Wayne State Univ. for a BA of Science, and Masters of Admin. of Education.Jerome Peoples worked at the following jobs, Detroit News ,Wayne State Univ. ,Detroit Dept. of Recreation, Detroit Public Schools and for Wal-Mart corp. Jerome has eight sisters, three brothers, a wife, Carol and two daughters, Amanda and Alanna.

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