Friday, May 13, 2011

Divine Worth: Break the Bonds of Unworthiness and Create the Life You Desire

Are you holding back from pursuing what you want and living your true potential?
Do you feel stuck in doubt, worry or negative self-talk?
Do you create distractions in your life to avoid feeling unfulfilled?
Are you denying your true desires?

Feelings of unworthiness are a leading reason why people experience these issues.

Kimberly Coots joins Yvonne Perry on Writers in the Sky Podcast today to talk about the ways unworthiness manifests in our lives and how to heal this emotional issue. She will be discussing her new book, Divine Worth: Break the Bonds of Unworthiness and Create the Life You Desire.

Author and life coach Kimberly Coots is a life and business development coach, spiritual counselor and author of the book Divine Worth: Break the Bonds of Unworthiness and Create the Life You Desire (May 2011). Her passion is helping people live the lives they desire by connecting with true worth, potential, and purpose, creating greater joy and fulfillment, and shifting the consciousness on the planet from fear to love.

Kimberly can help you connect with a greater sense of confidence, purpose, and self worth. Divine Worth shows you how to transform the unworthiness mindset that may be sabotaging your happiness. You can learn how to break the bonds of unworthiness and experience greater self-worth; meaningful life purpose; more joy and fulfillment; connection with self and life; healthier, happier relationships; and greater abundance. Discover how to be your authentic self and live with purpose, passion and prosperity.

The more than twenty-five practical exercises, tools and insights in this book will guide you in transforming self-limiting thoughts and beliefs, and empower you to create greater joy and fulfillment in your life.

Kimberly's book will be launched on May 24. Those who purchase her book on that day will be able to unlock the bonus page and download some tremendous digital gifts such as mp3s, reports, e-books, seminars, and other spiritually transforming materials. See for details.

The launch is preceded by a free 3-day telesummit in which a panel of expert guests will tell how to boost your sense of self worth and enjoy fulfilling your purpose, healthy relationships, and greater prosperity. See for details.

Kimberly is also a workshop facilitator. Some classes are in person and others are online. Learn more about her workshops on her website:

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