Monday, April 26, 2010

The Curse and Blessing of Neurological Disorders

On Friday, April 30, Yvonne Perry will welcome Vrinda Pendred to Writers in the Sky Podcast to discuss a very sensitive topic: neurological disorders.

Ever since Vrinda Pendred was a small child, growing up in Arizona, she wanted to write. When she was seven years old, she was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. Since then, she has also learned that she has OCD, ADHD, autism and bipolar disorder. In 2008, Vrinda established Conditional Publications ( for fellow writers living with neurological conditions. To launch the company, on 11 May 2010, she will be publishing a collection of fiction, poetry, and artwork about obsessive-compulsive disorder by twenty contributors (herself included) titled Check Mates.

“There really aren’t enough books and Web sites out there preaching positivity regarding these types of conditions,” says Pendred, who lives in Hertfordshire, England with her husband and son, “nor is there enough that expresses how truly difficult it can be to live with one of them (let alone more than one, as many people do). Yet I have heard/read many times that people with neurological disorders are usually highly creative people (indeed, many psychiatrists believe certain nervous disorders might even be a prerequisite to being so creative) – and that art/music/writing can be incredibly therapeutic.”

Vrinda started this imprint to provide a creative outlet for people to hopefully change a few minds out there about what neurological disorders really are—not just the limitations, pain, or frustration, but also the more positive, beneficial “symptoms” of these mysterious conditions.

The following will be discussed in the interview:
  • A brief bit on Vrinda’s background in relation to the topic
  • A bit about what OCD actually is
  • Treatment - the fact that there are meds that work for some people but for many they don't work, and alternative therapies are out there, which do work
  • How the book came to be
  • What is actually included in the book / why it's unique / what we hope it will do for people
  • How to get involved with Conditional Publications in general / promoting the competition to win a free copy of the book

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Join the Conditional Publications fan page on Facebook.

Check Mates is an original collection of fiction and poetry written about obsessive-compulsive disorder by the people who know best – obsessive-compulsives. Split between realism and stories of the beyond, there is a diverse range of styles and genres, and a mix of rage, frustration, tears, violence, pain, heartache, subversion,
love, strength, metaphysics, philosophy, friendship, hope, and even a bit of humor. And maybe–just maybe–it will knock away a few stereotypes.

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