Monday, February 01, 2010

Writing Down Your Soul with Janet Conner

Janet Conner will be joining Yvonne Perry this Friday on Writers in the Sky Podcast. If you have never listened to our podcast on this blog and intend to only listen to one in your lifetime, this one is IT! You must hear what Janet has to say about getting in touch with your soul and spirit through writing. Solve problems, heal your wounds, get inspiration, guidance, comfort, and protection by learning how to write down your soul.

All of us have spiritual intelligence guiding us. What we may not realize is that we can ask this wisdom for anything we need and receive it. If you have tried to meditate and quiet your mind only to find it wildly going off in all directions, you need to know that you can actually listen to the "monkey brain chatter" and learn from it. Regardless of your spiritual background you will find this book to be a fresh breath of air.

Janet Conner did not set out to be a spiritual writer or teacher. She earned a BS from Marquette University in Speech Pathology and an MA in Education of the Deaf from Northwestern University. Her first career was in special education. In 1982, she created the first videojournalist recruitment program at CNN. After she and her husband moved to Florida, she ran a division of an international search firm. But then everything changed.

Janet realized that her deep soul writing practice was something more than journaling. Lots of people journal, but not a lot of people experience the clear guidance and profound miracles she experienced on the page. So Janet set out to investigate why. She wanted to know what happens in your body, mind, and spirit when you engage in deep soul writing. The result is Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within.

Everyone has innate spiritual intelligence. We just aren't aware of it or don't know how to use it. Writing Down Your Soul is a unique writing process that connects you to that Voice of wisdom within. When you write down your soul, three things happen. You:

• Get out of your conscious, stress-filled mind
• Get in touch with your deep, authentic self--your soul
• Activate a limitless supply of intelligence, wisdom, and creativity

Start a conversation with the wise Voice within, and you will begin receiving the focused guidance and direction you need to live the life you want.

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